EST. 1980


Bridge Inspection Unit on the Bay Bridge

Organized in 1980, our firm was built on the principles of honesty, integrity and diversity.  We have been involved in building renovations, new construction of offices, shopping centers, heavy industrial plants, academic institutions, roads and bridges.  Brawner Builders, Inc. began after Jay Brawner worked six years as a project manager with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.  Since our inception, we have tried to build a diversified company with people that we enjoy working with.  This philosophy carries over to our corporate relationships with our clients.  We have fun with what we do and strive to make the construction process enjoyable for our clients as well. By closely partnering with our clients and forming a strong working relationship we are able to communicate effectively and address the needs of each individual project.  We attribute the success of long lasting relationships with our clients to the fact that we have built the foundations of our company on the tenets of integrity and excellence.

Early on, our company was not well known and was lacking a reputation in the industry from which to build.  Consequently, each client was a new client, which gave us an incredible opportunity to prove our expertise and leave a lasting impression.  We tried many things for the first time with each instance yielding success rather than failure.  Our first experience with offshore construction was an addition to the Reefs Beach Club Hotel on the Island of Bermuda in 1983.  The  overall success of the project and satisfaction of the client led us to return to construct a second addition to the Reefs, and later a clinic for the U.S. Navy at the Air Base in St. Georges, Bermuda.  Entrenched firmly in structural engineering and bridge construction, Brawner Builders, Inc. decided to branch out to commercial construction. Despite the challenges we faced as first time office builders, our initial building was a success and led to the developer asking us to continue building for them until the real estate crash of 1989.

However, the economic woes of the early 90’s did not faze Brawner Builders, Inc. as our staff persevered through the stormy economic waters to continue to build a strong foundation for our company. Since 1980, our company has maintained our philosophy of diversification and enjoying what you do.  We have developed our capacity for On-Call Task Order Contracting starting with the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission, Maryland Mass Transit Administration and the Maryland State Highway Administration.  Jeff Bird, our Senior Project Manager (now President) translated this capacity into the unique environment of the University System of Maryland.  He built our network, staff and resources to fit the specific requirements of On-Call construction in Universities and Colleges throughout the State of Maryland. Sam Negahban, our Design/Build and On-Call Construction Senior Project Manager (since 1995) has continued and built on this tradition.

Concurrent with the development of our building construction On-call acumen was the growth of our Infrastructure On-call capabilities spearheaded by Jack Murphy. Mainstay clients include MTA, SHA, MDTA and the Baltimore County government.

Our organization is committed to and actively involved in Design / Build services as they relate to construction and contracting.  The first and most prevalent method of Design / Build construction is typically used on our WSSC and University work.  The project starts with a concept for utilizing space more effectively and the owner conveys his/her ideas either through a space plan or by verbally expressing their vision during the initial walk-through.  We have the in-house capacity, in this case, to take the initial idea through working drawings to the permit stage.  Although this is a turn-key solution, the owner is usually involved during the process and is able to provide certain reviews and approvals at critical milestones. We have completed hundreds of projects at the University of Maryland affiliated campuses and the United States Naval Academy by utilizing this approach.

We have a considerable amount of experience in working with owners to provide the most cost-effective solution to a specific structural or architectural problem.  The services and resources obtained through outside consultants will provide our construction staff with the necessary tools needed to develop value-engineered options.  This allows the owner to make intelligent and informed choices by utilizing firm cost estimates attached to the alternate solutions.  This service may not lead to actual construction work in the field, but it always saves money for the owner.

An additional method of Design/Build that we are involved in can best be described by a scenario in which an owner wants an entire building or bridge constructed on a turn-key basis.  This is a natural extension of the first two methods outlined and results in savings for the owner due to a reduction in overhead costs, total program value-engineering, financing and acceleration of schedule.

As Brawner Builders, Inc. has grown and merged its two offices into one main headquarters in Hunt Valley, MD, we have been able to maintain our hands-on approach with all of our clients and colleagues. Consequently, we at Brawner believe that we will be prepared for any challenge we may face and will continue to set the standard of excellence in the construction field.